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About KATYA!

KATYAMy name is KATYA! I live for Rock And Roll, and DOGS! DOGS ROCK!

I am a rock musician/singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles. I am also a true animal lover whose family came from Russia. I come from a long line of musicians, artists, and animal trainers, who were constantly taking in injured animals. Birds, cats, dogs, rabbits and even rats were rescued by my family and brought back to health. These animals grew to respect us because we saved their lives. We didn’t do it “BY THE BOOK”; we tamed and trained animals from the heart to reach their souls.

Consider this book an easy guide to naturally calming and taming your dog. I like to speak English to my dogs, I like to use body language, and I like to re-create the wild, if possible. I believe you can achieve a loving relationship with any animal without the use of shock collars, harsh commands or choke chains.

In the wild, one dog is the leader of the pack. This alpha animal uses no words; he SHOWS the pack what he wants done. Similarly, your dog must come to see you as PACK LEADER. A pack leader shows respect and kindness, NOT anger. Wisdom is one of his biggest traits because the entire pack grows to respect him and wants to listen. Think about one of the kindest teachers you had growing up in school. That is how you want your dog to feel about you. Nobody likes a nagging boss or spouse. Learning can be fun. Trust me, I don’t allow brats in my class, but I also make learning so much fun that my dogs want to please me. Plus I serve the best meat in town!

A dog mainly uses his nose and eyes to survive and communicate in the wild. Consequently, he finds verbal commands boring and usually doesn’t respond well. A dog prefers to be SHOWN what to do.

If you speak your dog’s language, you will win his respect and he’ll want to please you. He’ll be more relaxed and happy. So please leave your verbal commands for humans and